30 Photos Show Why Spanish-Network Meteorologists PWN English-Network Meteorologists All Day

by curamberoon March 15, 2015
It’s no mystery that Latino television channels are notorious for flashing eye candy on many of their shows. I like watching English-language network news like CNBC when I’m eating breakfast, but, when it comes to forecasting weather, I have to say the Spanish-Language networks beat the rest in terms of visual appeal; and the content […]

Colombian In Wheelchair Films Music Videos Artists Dream For

by curamberoon March 10, 2015
“El Valien-T,” is a rapper of Colombian descent who was born in Miami, Florida. His parents were born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Bryant Scott Amastha, El Valien-T’s government name, was born with a congenital condition called Arthrogryposis that shortens his muscles and, hence, severely limits his joint movement, but not his spirit. The condition physically confines […]

Lady Slept With Other Woman’s Husband and Their Argument Creates an Internet Sensation

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
Last year, Maria Niño, a woman from Salamina, Magdalena, a village off the Atlantic coast, slept with another woman’s husband over 5 years ago, according to Mrs. Niño. Mrs. Niño says she ran into a lady, who is romantically involved with the man with whom Mrs. Niño slept with five years ago, on a boat […]

The Way Colombian Soccer Star James Rodriguez Is Greeted By Argentine Reporter Will Make You Blush

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
As all Latinos know, we don’t all speak the same type of Spanish. As Hispanics we constitute a broad variety of nationalities. Just like there are blacks, whites, indians, orientals, and others (if there are any), we also have people of all races. That said, even people from the same country that come from the […]

24 Colombianas Who Competed At “The Most Epic Ass of The Valley” Contest

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
The following contestants participated in Colombia’s “La Mejor Cola Del Valle (The Most Epic Ass of the Valley)” Contest, held in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Lady Viviana Aristizabal Michelle Libreros Jeniffer Perez Laura Sofia Carrillo

The Self-Driving Benz Makes Knight Rider Look Like a Flintstone Car (Picapiedra)

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
Autonomous cars are not only the wave of the future; they’re already operating on roads in California and the UK. How about bumping some of your favorite Hector Lavoe while sipping a brew or texting (while not driving) in one of these? Pretty soon you can. Check out one driving itself to CES 2015 in […]

The Way These Soccer Stars Greet Fans Who Run Onto the Field Will Make Your Eyes Water

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
I’m not the most informed soccer fan (although I have family members who have played professionally and live for it); but every time I watch another World Cup, I get more enthralled with the game. Don’t tell me uncle this, but I have to admit that it is the biggest sport on the planet. Practically […]

14 Live 70’s Performances That Will Prove To You Why Hector Lavoe Is “Cantante De Los Cantantes”

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
My eyes watered and I got goose bumps aggregating these vids. Without a doubt one of the greatest if not the greatest singer… period… is El Cantante de Los Cantantes (the singer of all singers), Hector Lavoe! Let me give you a little tip to listening to Hector: He will at times start songs off […]

Find Out Whether This Woman Can Fit Her Size 38 Butt Into Size 34 Jeans

by curamberoon March 6, 2015
I’ve had both the pleasure of watching a woman fight into get into some jeans that are way too small for her, and the displeasure of having to hear her complain that no diet she tries works (after cheating on it, on the low). Just grease your legs down with some crisco, yo! For more […]

Find Out Why A Club Full Of Hot Women Want to Dance Bachata With This Sweaty Guy

by curamberoon March 6, 2015
I could hold my own on the dance floor, but when dudes get too fancy showing off what they learned in that free dance class they took at the club on Tuesday, I still keep dancing. Nonetheless, click play and find out why a line of hot (pun intended) women can’t wait to dance bachata […]
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