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The Self-Driving Benz Makes Knight Rider Look Like a Flintstone Car (Picapiedra)

by on March 9, 2015

Autonomous cars are not only the wave of the future; they’re already operating on roads in California and the UK. How about bumping some of your favorite Hector Lavoe while sipping a brew or texting (while not driving) in one of these?

Pretty soon you can. Check out one driving itself to CES 2015 in Las Vegas:

Oh, and for mi gente that haven’t been on this planeta as long as me, here’s a video of Knight Rider. It was a TV show back in the 80’s that featured the first autonomous car, I knew about, called Kitt. In this scene, Kitt is pitted against Karr, a fictitiously more advanced but evil autonomous car of el siglo veinte; ahh: the voice of Karr was played by Peter Cullen, who also played the voice of Optimus Prime. That’s your self-driven Picapiedra right there! Yabba dabba dooooo!

Verdaderamente, no hay nada nuevo debajo del sol!

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