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Lady Slept With Other Woman’s Husband and Their Argument Creates an Internet Sensation

by on March 9, 2015

Last year, Maria Niño, a woman from Salamina, Magdalena, a village off the Atlantic coast, slept with another woman’s husband over 5 years ago, according to Mrs. Niño. Mrs. Niño says she ran into a lady, who is romantically involved with the man with whom Mrs. Niño slept with five years ago, on a boat ride back to her village. The lady stepped on Mrs. Niño’s foot with her heel. Mrs. Niño said she pushed the lady. The lady tried to hit Mrs. Niño on the face, and Mrs. Niño yanked her hair. The lady’s son punched Mrs. Niño on her face. After the fight is what you see on the video that has made Maria Niño an internet sensation in Colombia.

Here’s a couple of music videos that were filmed with Maria Niño based on the incident; it’s a melodic play on the phrase “El Tormento Tuyo Soy Yo,” that the video turned into a trend. The videos were released prior to the Carnaval from Barranquilla, so people could party to it during the four-day citywide rumba:

Here’s a video where she explains what happened and discusses a few more details about how she makes money selling products in her village that she buys from Barranquilla, Colombia. Notice how she throws in some hints that she’s famous and doesn’t have money, and she could use a new motorcycle.

Tu no eres feliz!

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