30 Photos Show Why Spanish-Network Meteorologists PWN English-Network Meteorologists All Day

by curamberoon March 15, 2015
It’s no mystery that Latino television channels are notorious for flashing eye candy on many of their shows. I like watching English-language network news like CNBC when I’m eating breakfast, but, when it comes to forecasting weather, I have to say the Spanish-Language networks beat the rest in terms of visual appeal; and the content […]

24 Colombianas Who Competed At “The Most Epic Ass of The Valley” Contest

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
The following contestants participated in Colombia’s “La Mejor Cola Del Valle (The Most Epic Ass of the Valley)” Contest, held in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Lady Viviana Aristizabal Michelle Libreros Jeniffer Perez Laura Sofia Carrillo