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The Way Colombian Soccer Star James Rodriguez Is Greeted By Argentine Reporter Will Make You Blush

by on March 9, 2015

As all Latinos know, we don’t all speak the same type of Spanish. As Hispanics we constitute a broad variety of nationalities. Just like there are blacks, whites, indians, orientals, and others (if there are any), we also have people of all races. That said, even people from the same country that come from the different regions speak differently. Just like some one from New York City speaks differently than a person from Houston, Texas.

In Colombia, for instance, the people from the coast speak differently than the people to whom you’re accustomed to hearing from Colombia: Bogota. The Embassy is in Bogota, so it makes it easier for people from there to immigrate to the United States. So if you were to hear some one from Barranquilla speak, which is on the Atlantic Coast of Colombia, you would think you were hearing somebody from another country.

In this video, a random man from the coast of Colombia (probably Barranquilla) teaches an Argentinian reporter on how to address Colombian Soccer player James Rodriguez. The reaction’s hilarious.

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