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14 Live 70’s Performances That Will Prove To You Why Hector Lavoe Is “Cantante De Los Cantantes”

by on March 9, 2015

My eyes watered and I got goose bumps aggregating these vids. Without a doubt one of the greatest if not the greatest singer… period… is El Cantante de Los Cantantes (the singer of all singers), Hector Lavoe! Let me give you a little tip to listening to Hector: He will at times start songs off slow blowing lower and deeper notes just to warm you up. Then he kills you hitting higher notes while harmonizing to more instruments that appear to be played faster. Listen to the master put in work.


If you want to know who Marc Anthony was trying to be like when he sang Aguanile for the movie, “El Cantante,” hit play to hear the original.

“Sonero Mayor”

“Juana Peña”

“Sigue Feliz”

This is the best version of Mr. Lavoe’s historic 1971 performance in Panama; where he was probably at his best.

“Calle Luna Calle Sol”

Un tema wapo, pa’ wapo!

Here’s another Panama performance in 1973; the black and whites are the hardest.

“Todo Tiene Su Final”

“Che Che Cole”

“Pa’ Colombia”


If you want to hear one of the all-time great vocalists, listen to this song in its entirety. It’s magic!

“Mi Gente”

The iconic Lavoe classic was performed in Puerto Rico.

“Que Bien Te Vez”

Had to sneak one of my favorites, although it wasn’t live. Listen the entirety of this jibaro style classic to hear a real singer blow!

Hector Lavoe Concerto in Panama 1977.


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