Lady Slept With Other Woman’s Husband and Their Argument Creates an Internet Sensation

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
Last year, Maria Niño, a woman from Salamina, Magdalena, a village off the Atlantic coast, slept with another woman’s husband over 5 years ago, according to Mrs. Niño. Mrs. Niño says she ran into a lady, who is romantically involved with the man with whom Mrs. Niño slept with five years ago, on a boat […]

The Way Colombian Soccer Star James Rodriguez Is Greeted By Argentine Reporter Will Make You Blush

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
As all Latinos know, we don’t all speak the same type of Spanish. As Hispanics we constitute a broad variety of nationalities. Just like there are blacks, whites, indians, orientals, and others (if there are any), we also have people of all races. That said, even people from the same country that come from the […]

Find Out Whether This Woman Can Fit Her Size 38 Butt Into Size 34 Jeans

by curamberoon March 6, 2015
I’ve had both the pleasure of watching a woman fight into get into some jeans that are way too small for her, and the displeasure of having to hear her complain that no diet she tries works (after cheating on it, on the low). Just grease your legs down with some crisco, yo! For more […]

Machete Fight Is Broken Up By A Weapon You’d Least Expect

by curamberoon March 6, 2015
Two men swing machetes at each other and nobody lets these two just hack each other up. The way they break it up makes it funnier than scary. For more funny videos like this subscribe to the LatinoAF feed and Like us on Faceebook. For more videos of undeniably awesome Latinos, subscribe to the LatinoFizz […]

Man Dances Champeta With Senior Lady And She Never Thought She’d Bust Moves Like This

by curamberoon March 5, 2015
A female senior citizen joins a younger man in a dance called, “El Choque.” She goes toe for toe, or bump for bump, with the younger man until she can’t believe what she gets herself into. For more videos of undeniably awesome Latinos, subscribe to the LatinoFizz feed and Like us on Facebook.

Watch This Salsa-Dancing Robot Spider Teach You A Few Moves You Haven’t Thought of Using Yet

by curamberoon February 26, 2015
The T8 is a spider robot built with a 3D printer. It is powered by 26 servo motors to show off some of the moves you see in the video. The match calculations it needs to beat Chayanne in a salsa battle, are performed by the Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine developed by Robugtix. The T8 […]