Man Trolls UFC Fighter On Facebook Then Meets Him… You Know What Happens Next

by curamberoon February 26, 2015
Anybody who has posted anything anywhere online knows a troll’s only a click away. The “politically correct” thing to do is to subtly deem it as something beneath you, ignore the troll’s comments and continue with your lurking and posting activity. A UFC did all the opposite and this is what ensued.

14-Year-Old Girl Begs Chilean President To Let Her Commit Suicide; Her Reasons Will Make You Cry

by curamberoon February 24, 2015
Valentina Maureira is a Chilean 14-year-old who suffers from cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that can cause respiratory infection. Her older brother lost his battle with cystic fibrosis when he died at the age of six. The teenager is on a waiting list to receive a lung transplant; but it hasn’t been prioritized. In the […]

Argentine Woman Wears First Bionic Arm Developed in Latin America

by curamberoon January 26, 2015
A woman from Argentina is wearing the first bionic arm developed in Latin America. Stella Azambullo suffered with limited dexterity for years after losing her right arm in an industrial accident. Ms. Azambullo is now wearing a bionic arm with which she could set her table, pour coffee for herself, while holding a cup in […]