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14 Live 70’s Performances That Will Prove To You Why Hector Lavoe Is “Cantante De Los Cantantes”

by curamberoon March 9, 2015
My eyes watered and I got goose bumps aggregating these vids. Without a doubt one of the greatest if not the greatest singer… period… is El Cantante de Los Cantantes (the singer of all singers), Hector Lavoe! Let me give you a little tip to listening to Hector: He will at times start songs off […]

Colombians Win Salsa Dance Competition With Moves That Will Spin Your Head

by curamberoon March 6, 2015
Colombians are notorious for killing salsa dance competitions globally. Nilson and Deisy won this competition in 2007 with the following routine. For more videos of undeniably awesome Latinos, subscribe to the LatinoFizz feed and Like us on Facebook.

Watch This Salsa-Dancing Robot Spider Teach You A Few Moves You Haven’t Thought of Using Yet

by curamberoon February 26, 2015
The T8 is a spider robot built with a 3D printer. It is powered by 26 servo motors to show off some of the moves you see in the video. The match calculations it needs to beat Chayanne in a salsa battle, are performed by the Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine developed by Robugtix. The T8 […]